• Lest hier eine erste Beschreibung des Clips.
    Da haben die Macher von Marble Hornets ja eine große Überraschung herorgeholt:
    bei ihrem Panel auf der Austin Comic Con, die dieses Wochenende stattfand, haben sie einen ersten Clip zu dem kommenden Marble Hornets Film präsentiert.
    Seht hier die Beschreibung eines Anwesenden Fans:
    It started with the camera on a bathroom counter pointed at a sink
    (very Entry 44ish). The man (I don’t think we were ever given his name?
    Or maybe he said it while he was talking to himself but I didn’t catch
    it) was brushing his teeth I believe, and he started coughing up blood
    (still very much like Entry 44), and was like “oh shit”.
    Then he
    picked up the camera and went to his bedroom, talking to his dog on the
    bed (which Joseph was super excited about, of course :P) about how he
    was going nuts or something like that. I believe the dog was named
    Marty. Then the power went out, and while the guy started walking around
    (to find a flashlight possibly I think?) the dog started growling, and
    the guy was like “no, stay there”. And while he wasn’t looking, the
    Operator appeared in the window for a few seconds before disappearing.
    the guy picked up the camera again, and told the dog, who I think was
    still growling, to stay in the room. He started walking around the house
    with a flashlight, going to find the fusebox and apparently worried
    that someone (or something of course) was in the house. He was
    talking to himself sorta the whole time, kinda psyching himself up and
    whatnot. There was a noise that sounded like it came from upstairs. He
    said “what was that?” and shone the flashlight up the stairs, then went
    There was a door at the end of the hallway that was just
    slightly open. He approached it slowly, shining the flashlight in to
    light just a teeny bit of the room through the crack in the door. Then
    he pushed open the door suddenly, and there was a mirror on the other
    side, so he scared himself a little (and us). Then he was talking to his
    reflection, kinda half-laughing at himself, like “hi there, how are
    you? I’m fine.”
    He shone the flashlight around the room, and on a
    shelf, there was a little wooden doll that looked like the one from
    TTA’s “Warning” video. There was nothing in the room, and he pointed the
    camera at a closed closet door that was in there, and approached it
    slowly like he was about to open it, then was like “no, let’s not
    check the closet.” (And in that moment, this unknown character
    instantly became more Genre Savvy than Jay ever was :P) I couldn’t quite
    hear what he said right after that (because everyone was laughing at
    the last line) but I think it was something like “I’ll only freak myself
    Then he went back downstairs and found the fusebox. As he
    placed the camera on a counter or something (pointed at himself), there
    was some distortion, and then, as he tried to turn the power back on,
    the Operator appeared in the room that the camera was pointed at, but
    where the guy couldn’t see (because it was around the corner from him).
    Then it disappeared again. The guy couldn’t get the power back on.
    picked up the camera and walked into the room where the Operator had
    just appeared, looking around, and kept walking through the house (and
    guys it was TENSE. Like, it was almost as tense as an actual Entry.
    If this clip is any indication of what it’s going to be like, this movie
    is going to be AWESOME.). Then there was an awesome jump scare in the
    form of the dog running through the hallway really suddenly, possibly
    barking (and this jump scare also scared Joseph quite a bit. lol :D).
    guy started calling the dog, but I don’t think it answered or came or
    anything (it might have been barking, I don’t really remember). After a
    few more seconds, the sound suddenly went away while he kept walking
    around the house. It was completely silent for like 15-20 seconds. There
    weren’t any jump scares while it was silent (though we were all
    certainly expecting one!) Then the sound came back just as suddenly, as
    the guy started walking toward the front door. I think he was checking
    the locks on the door, and then he seemed to be possibly starting to
    He walked over to the window, and pulled back the curtain
    (there were also blinds on the window, if I remember correctly) to look
    outside. There wasn’t anything there, until he panned the camera a
    little to the right…and there was the Operator. It was VERY Entry 1,
    obviously, except I don’t think the Operator was standing on a porch (I
    don’t think there was a porch).
    So he jumped back away from the window, falling backwards, and was like “oh my God, oh my God”…
    And then it ended.

    Quelle: Tumblr

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